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Simplicity With Your Wellness Basket

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Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple, or free from complexity. I want to discuss the topic of simplicity in this post and how simplicity with your wellness basket can contribute to better health without overwhelming you.

What Is Simplicity?

Simplicity can have different meanings depending on the context, but generally, it refers to the state or quality of being simple or uncluttered. It can mean freedom from complexity and elaboration, and a lack of excess. Simplicity can apply to almost every aspect of life including fashion, cooking, architecture, technology and even personal beliefs and values. In personal beliefs and values, simplicity refers to a focus on the essential and the rejection of excess material possessions and consumerism.

Simple living, also known as the “simple life”, refers to a lifestyle that prioritizes simplicity and minimalism in all aspects of life. This can include reducing material possessions and consumerism, simplifying daily routines and habits, focusing on experiences over possessions, and living in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. Simple living can also encompass a focus on personal well-being, community, and spiritual growth.

Simplicity is often associated with the idea of living with less and to focus on the most important things in life, such as personal relationships, inner peace, and personal growth.

Simplicity With Your Wellness Basket

Simplicity can be positive for wellness in several ways. It can reduce stress and anxiety by decreasing the number of decisions and tasks that need to be made. It can also improve focus and productivity by reducing distractions and allowing one to concentrate on what is most important. Additionally, simplifying one’s environment, possessions and approach to wellness can lead to a sense of calm and contentment. Furthermore, it can make it easier to maintain healthy habits such as regular exercise and a balanced diet. Overall, simplicity with your wellness basket can help promote a sense of balance and well-being.

As demonstrated above, there’s a lot of subtopics under the term simplicity. So let’s talk now about how it applies here on My Wellness Basket and how it applies to YOU and YOUR wellness basket.

imperfect progress

First, this blog is about simplicity with wellness. I’ll share information I have learned and as I learn more. I’m here to offer you understanding when things are hard and encouragement to keep at it. I’m not here to tell you this is how you have to do something and that you have to be perfect. I simply want you to make progress. I want you to feel better. I want you to be proud of all you accomplish- even the imperfect progress– because it’s progress too! I’ll be informative, but I want to keep it simple. I want you to make progress; but keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE OVERWHELMING!

simple health and wellness

Second, I want to cover the topics directly related to simple health and wellness. These topics will include eating whole foods and not so much processed foods. It will include simple recipes and how to keep meals simple. I want to cover topics such as emphasizing simplicity in daily routine and habits to improve our overall well-being. Some posts will cover regular exercise and movement, and getting natural light into the day.

the not so obvious

Third, I want to address those topics that don’t always seem related to wellness. I want to cover taking care of your personality type and social support. I want to discuss decluttering and organizing. Some posts may talk about simple fashion and personal style, home d├ęcor and design, gardening, hobbies, work and career- all related to simplicity. These things and others are not always considered related to wellness by conventional medicine. But holistic medicine looks at everything and how it’s al interrelated. And these things do affect your health.

it’s all about you

Last, I want to be here for you! Simply put, this is about you and your wellness journey. I want to keep things simple, but I also want to know what YOU want and need. What do you want to learn more about? What do you need encouragement with?

A Simple Challenge For The Day

Let’s end this simple post with a simple challenge. Take care of yourself today. Just do a few things but in a simple way. Don’t count glasses of water, don’t count steps and don’t judge yourself for things you do that aren’t considered ‘healthy’.

Just do the following:
Make sure you do drink SOME water or herbal tea.
Take just a few minutes to add some extra steps in the day by walking outside or just around the room right now.
Make sure you tell yourself you are doing a good job at being YOU.
Write down in the comments below one good thing about today and one thing you want to learn on this blog!

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