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My Wellness Basket – What’s with the name?

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Hi!  Welcome to the blog.  This second post is simply an introduction to the name and the basic concept of this blog. If you missed the first post, talking about the categories you will find on My Wellness Basket and how they are all involved in Maintaining Wellness, check it out now!

Something Catchy AND Says Wellness

I had a hard time coming up with a name.  I wanted something catchy but something that was pretty clear that this blog was about wellness. With this in mind, I came up with several ideas but none of them really stuck out to me or if it did, it didn’t really clarify that wellness was the main idea.

Wellness To Mend the Holes

I thought over all the things I wanted to share on the blog.  I thought of the main categories (discussed in my first post) and I looked over my brainstorm list of 67 post ideas. Undoubtedly, one of the concepts I will eventually discuss on the blog is a stress bucket.  To sum it up briefly, we’re all born with a metaphorical stress bucket- the amount of stress we can handle: good and bad.  Life hands us good things to make the bucket stronger, and it gives us toxic things that puts holes in the bucket.  Our life is spent trying to mend holes in the bucket.  What do we use to fill the holes? I thought about using that in my title. But a stress bucket sort of has negative connotations to it in addition to the positive ones I will discuss.


So then I thought about all the things that are used to fill the holes of the bucket and gathering them together in something like a tool box.  Well, I’m not into toolboxes.  But I do like my baskets!

We use all sorts of things to fill those holes!  No, not just one thing.  Not two.  Not even just ten.  We use a whole basketful of items!  It would have to be a huge basket to hold all the things.  True.  But this blog is also about doing things simply.  So, you don’t have to get a basket the size of the former Longaberger headquarters in Ohio.  You just need a small basket to start with.  Make progress.  Even imperfect progress is still progress. Good progress.

My Wellness Basket, in time, is going to give you a ton of sources and recommendations as to what to fill your basket with which will, ultimately, fill the holes of your stress bucket and help you to maintain wellness. 

Just Get Started

Are you anxious to get started?  You don’t HAVE to buy a basket.  You can use anything really.  A basket, a box, a shelf in your cupboard, a small space on your counter.  Just pick a few things that lead you to wellness.  A bottle of vitamin D3.  A bottle of vitamin C.  A bag of apples. A head of lettuce.  A water bottle. A prayer book.  A book on gratitude.  A pair of hand weights. A new box of herbal tea. There are so many choices!  What you do need to do is pick some things to put in the ‘basket’.  If necessary, just pick one thing.  Just get started.

Each post will cover one or more of the categories I spoke of in the first post:  Mind, Movement, Nourishment, Rest, and Simplicity.  Each one of these categories will cover a large array of things you can add to your basket.  Don’t try them all.  Try the ones that speak to you.  The ones that seem manageable or that you feel will make a difference to YOU.  Just take baby steps.  This is about achieving wellness on time and ability that YOU have.  Don’t compare yourself to your neighbors, friends or me.  This is my wellness basket of things for YOU to choose from, to make your own wellness basket. 

Imperfect Progress

We’ll be talking a lot about imperfect progress too. Why? Because I just want you to focus on making progress, not perfection and not overnight success. It’s about taking one step at a time in manageable bite-size pieces. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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Please remember: I am not a doctor or licensed healthcare provider. This post, as are all others on My Wellness Basket, are for educational purposes only. Please see my disclaimer page.

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