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My Mountain Rose Herbs Order

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As I was unpacking my Mountain Rose Herbs order the other day, I thought about the blog and how much I’ve been writing about herbs, teas, and other such things. I just thought maybe my purchases would be an interesting topic. And you don’t have to buy from Mountain Rose Herbs to have similar products in your home. Just read about the products I bought and look for similar things in your local grocery store or on Amazon.

Why Organic Spices?

You will notice that what I purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs are organic spices and blends.

I understand that some of you may not worry about your spices being organic or conventional. I can understand why it’s easy to dismiss the importance of organic spices. After all, they are typically used in such small quantities. But I want to mention here, after I had been on my own wellness journey for sometime, why I slowly changed over to organic spices too.

Irradiation is often used with conventional spices. This exposes the product to gamma rays or electron beam radiation to sterilize it. This just isn’t something I want in foods that I consume daily. The spices may be small quantities compared to the other ingredients in my recipe, but if it’s something I use frequently, sometimes daily, it adds up.

Organic spices don’t have unnatural chemicals or pesticides in their growing process. Again, it may be small quantities compared to your other ingredients, but it adds up.

There’s also the possibility to have other things mixed in with conventional spices that are not on the label. For example rice or artificial flavors. This is not the case with a reputable organic spice company.

Ordering From Mountain Rose Herbs

I’m NOT an affiliate with Mountain Rose Herbs – maybe someday, but not at this time so I’ll just put ONE link here to their page in case you are interested to see what else they have. This particular order is small (easier to write about!) but if you like it, I’ll do one next time too!

So here’s a photo of my whole order! It was a pretty small order from what I’ve usually placed.

Mountain Rose Herbs order
Here’s just a small sampling of products from a great company!

I waited a couple weeks for this order. It can take awhile with this company but the quality is so worth it.

Lung Care

I originally wanted to order a pleurisy root tincture. I’ve tried keeping that and a wild cherry tincture on hand for severe respiratory illnesses ever since I learned of their effectiveness in a class I took on the immune system in 2020. But in my search for pleurisy root, I ran across this tincture and decided to order it instead.

Mountain Rose Herbs Order Lung Care Herbal Tincture
Lung Care Supplement

This was the main reason for my order. That and the new tea filters pictured below.

Pleurisy Root, Asclepias tuberosa, is an excellent herb for the pulmonary system. It comes from a plant native to North America bearing orange flowers and is commonly referred to as butterfly milkweed. It does a great job at loosening congestion among it’s many other health benefits.

I saw this tincture though and loved the idea of the blend of not only pleurisy root, but also elecampane, horehound, marshmallow, mullein, ginger and licorice. The website states that the blend is “formulated with soothing demulcent herbs and expectorants” and that “this blend helps with mucous membrane health and promotes optimal respiratory functioning.” From what I learned in my class, this will make a lovely supportive herb blend to have on hand for any future respiratory/pulmonary illness.

Tea Filters

Mountain Rose Herbs Order Tea Filters
Mountain Rose Herbs has various sized tea filters.

The next item I looked for were some replacement filters. I got my original two from Mountain Rose Herbs a couple years ago. I like these filters when I’m steeping tea in my blue teapot (see photo of the teapot I also bought through Mountain Rose Herbs several years ago).

Mountain Rose Herb Order filter inside of blue teapot
The large filter inside my blue teapot, also bought from Mountain Rose Herbs several years ago!

We’ve used these filters when my husband uses herbs in his kombucha flavoring as well as any other time we need really fine filtering for drinks or other recipes. They are really very durable.


I usually just get Thyme from the grocery store. Any organic Thyme is fine with me, but I was nearly out and since I was making this order, I just decided to try a bottle from Mountain Rose Herbs. It seemed like a really good price for a 4 oz. jar.

Thyme leaf, Thymes sp., is a member of the mint family. Did you know that? I think I had but had forgotten. Thyme is often used in culinary cooking for its flavor but actually has a lot of medicinal benefits. Among the potential benefits includes repelling pests (a great reason to have it near your home), boosting the immune system, a mood booster, assist in alleviation of bacterial infections, and alleviating coughs. It assists with removing mucous from the lungs and respiratory passages, as well as congested areas in the head, and sooths the cough caused by congestion.

My favorite way to work with thyme other than adding it to soups, stews, an vegetables is in a herbal steam blend my friend makes. Anytime we have been exposed to someone with a potentially harsh virus or are dealing with a respiratory issue, we put this blend in a steaming pot of water and hold our heads (draped with a towel) over the pot for about ten minutes, sometimes several times a day. It’s very helpful!

Salt & Pepper Blend

This particular blend probably doesn’t need much explanation. My husband and I had found a similar organic blend the last time we visited the somewhat local surplus outlet for groceries. We’ve loved using it on our grass-fed steaks and we’re close to running out. As I didn’t see anything quite the same (organic) at our local grocery store, I ordered this one. It contains course sea salt, course pepper and a bit of organic parsley leaf.

Black Pepper, of course, is one of the most widely used spices worldwide! Among other benefits, not as widely known as the spice itself, black pepper contains antioxidants and may boost the absorption of other nutrients in the foods you eat with it.

Sea Salt of course, is a necessary mineral for your body. Sea salt is rich in trace minerals. This is extra important as our soils seem to be becoming more and more depleted of such minerals. Sea salt is also loaded with electrolytes. Our bodies don’t NEED artificially colored and flavored electrolyte drinks. Our bodies need salt.

Parsley, Petroselinum crispum , is loaded with Vitamin A and is a rich source of Vitamin C as well. We would all do well to add a bit more parsley to our diets! Not to mention that chewing on the fresh leaves could help someone with some bad breath issues 😉

Garlic Granules

This is another product I was just getting a bit low on. I apply generous heaps of garlic to most of my recipes. As a general rule of thumb, I usually at least triple the amount a recipe calls for. I just love it and believe that much how important the health benefits of this delicious plant are to place in our lives! I like to have granules or powder on hand though for the rare time I just feel too much in a rush or don’t want the texture of whole cloves or diced cloves in the recipe. Mountain Rose Herbs states, “Our organic garlic granules have a larger grind than the powder and can be used for infusions or to add flavor to any number of culinary dishes.”

Garlic is a great immune booster and is often considered a natural antibiotic. I just read that holding a clove in your mouth (hold it there, don’t chew!) can be helpful for a sore throat (I might just stick to my usual DoTerra or Traditional Medicinal lozenges) or for a tooth abscess.


Mountain Rose Herbs tea blends in a can
Fidnemed Nighttime Tea and Spring Care Tea by Mountain Rose Herbs

I realized as I was writing this post, I had forgotten the tea I had ordered! So I took a new picture of the one I just ordered, and the one I still have on hand from a previous order.

Fidnemed Nighttime tea is a blend I chose from their various nighttime blends when I was having trouble sleeping again. Containing a light touch of floral aromas, the tea contains organic lemon balm, organic hibiscus flowers, organic skullcap, organic passionflower, organic hops flowers, organic valerian root, and organic lavender flowers.

Spring Care Tea is a lovely blend I started working with two years ago. The blend is made of organic nettle leaf, organic fennel seed, organic lemongrass, organic spearmint leaf, organic calendula flowers, organic peppermint leaf, organic red clover herb, organic lavender flowers, and organic blue vervain. It’s just a lovely mix to enter the spring season. It’s nice to have hot or cool.

Similar Products

If you want to try out similar products to what I have listed above but can’t order from Mountain Rose Herbs at this time, here’s some similar items I found links for on Amazon. I have not necessarily used these products, so I can not affirm how close they are to the quality of Mountain Rose.

Herb Pharm Lung Expectorant tincture (not the exact same herbs, but similar to the formula above)

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser I like this type of infuser and use one almost every morning when I make a big batch of tea in a mason jar. It’s not as fine as the cloth filters I get from Mountain Rose Herbs but does a fantastic job for most of my tea blends and is easier to clean out as well.

Simply Organic Thyme Just in case you don’t have organic spices in your local grocery store, this is the brand I buy the most frequently.


So there you have it. Just a simple order from Mountain Rose Herbs. This is the store I get most of my bulk herbs from so I’m sure there will be more posts in the future! My favorite things to order are definitely their bulk herbs for teas and their tea blends. If you make an order from Mountain Rose Herbs, come back and let me know what you decided to try!

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