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How Gratitude Can Change Your Mindset

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According to a number of studies, being grateful leads to happiness and better physical health. Let’s discuss how gratitude can change your mindset and why that is important, and then offer some tips to get started!

Why Is Mindset Important?

Mindset refers to a person’s general attitude or approach to life. It determines how you approach challenges and opportunities. Your mindset shapes your thoughts and your behaviors.

While everyone has a mindset, what you want to have is a growth mindset. A growth mindset refers to a specific type of mindset that focuses on the belief that qualities and abilities can be developed through effort and learning. This means you can change from a negative mindset, to one that is more positive!

Wellness is heavily dependent on mindset because your thoughts and beliefs have great impact on your physical, emotional, and mental health. A positive, growth mindset can lead to increased resilience and better coping skills, reducing stress and improving overall wellness. On the other hand, a negative, fixed mindset can contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression, negatively affecting your overall well-being. Therefore, cultivating a growth mindset can support overall wellness by promoting positive thought patterns and a proactive approach to challenges and obstacles.

How Does Gratitude Change Mindset?

Adopting a growth mindset can help you continue to develop and improve over time. One way to develop and improve is through gratitude.

People that express gratitude whether verbally, in writing, through action, or in their own hearts and minds tend to use more positive words in daily interactions and less negative words. Positivity in our language and interactions lead to a positive mindset. This is what you want in your life!

Practicing gratitude has been shown to improve one’s mental state and overall well-being. It helps shift focus from negative experiences to positive ones, reduces stress and anxiety, increases feelings of happiness, improves self-esteem and strengthens relationships with others. Additionally, it can also enhance sleep quality and boost resilience in the face of challenges.

It’s important to note that gratitude doesn’t change things overnight. You have to form a habit of gratitude and then, over time, having gratitude can have positive effects on your mindset and overall well being.

How Can I Practice Gratitude?

There are a ton of ways to practice gratitude. It needs to be a daily practice. That will be a continued focus here on My Wellness Basket. But for now, let’s think about simplicity and taking baby steps. Here’s some practical ways for you to practice gratitude.

Thank you written in cursive by a painted gate with lavender flowers
Say Thank You to someone right now!
A Simple Thank You

Say “Thank you” to at least one person today.

One Positive Thing

Think of one positive thing that has happened to you today so far. Say a silent thank you.


Take time today, just a few minutes, to gaze at something of beauty. Express, to yourself and/or to God, for that moment.

Text or Note

Write a short note or a text to someone to say thanks for something they did for you or what you appreciate them for.


Stop and take a deep breath, right now, and say a silent thank you for the lungs that allow you to breathe.

Three Things

Write down three things at the end of the day that you are grateful for.

Practice Daily

Make as many of the above practices into a daily habit as you are able.

Kristin Armstrong quote on focusing on gratitude for the tide of love

Do you make gratitude a priority in your life? Which of the above suggestions do you think will be the easiest to implement? Which might be a little difficult?

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  1. I for sure need to practice more gratitude, I get so caught up in daily tasks and really do forget to focus on the things to be thankful for! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. Thank you for this post! A sense of gratitude can work wonders for so many things – and it’s completely free of charge!!!

  3. I have definitely slowed down more than ever this year to take in the beauty of the spring blooms and the gratitude absolutely comes out and it all radiates from there 🙂

    1. That’s a wonderful thing to show gratitude for. I do sense in myself, that gratitude comes easier in the spring!

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