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Earthley Wellness – Their Products and How I Got Started

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I haven’t said a whole lot about my newest adventure here on the blog though I’ve casually included some links. Several months ago I signed on as an affiliate with an amazing company. This post is written specifically to let you know more about the company and why I love it so – and why you’re seeing links to Earthley products!

Health Is Sacred

Earthley has been around since 2016 though their story of how it all got started goes back to about 2009. You can read more about that on their website. The owners of Earthley believe that health is sacred. They believe that all of us should be empowered to take care of ourselves and our own bodies. They realize that the Western worlds dependence on allopathic medicine is not always the best choice. In addition, they believe that alternatives are important.

I love that Earthley not only sells fantastic all natural products, but they have an abundance of materials to educate others to allow them to empower themseles and do the things necessary to naturally care for their own health.

Clean, Natural Products

In the years since Earthley first began offering products to the public in 2016, the company has grown rapidly. I have followed them through emails for many years. However, I’ll admit it. While I was greatly intrigued I never took the plunge to try anything until just this year. First, I studied up on them a bit more closely.

I discovered that many of their products are organic though they have not spent the money or time on getting certified as staying affordable is another priority to the company. Their herbs, which you know are of high value to me, are 100% organic. Their products are handmade and formulated by Kate, owner and professional herbalist. None of their products contain soy, gluten, corn, or nuts. Nor do they use parabens, sulfates, fragrances, SLS, or preservatives.

It was through my own education about herbs and their benefits, starting this blog, and other things that finally led to me trying a few Earthley products. I’ll tell you about just a couple of those right now! (I’ll share more in future posts and on the Facebook page!)

Goodnight Lotion

Earthley’s Goodnight Lotion is the best magnesium lotion I’ve tried. If you have read my post on Magnesium, you know how important of a mineral it is for optimal health and that it really is best to get your magnesium intake from a number of sources. This is one of my favorites. This lotion is rich in natural magnesium chloride and blended with skin-nourishing oils.  It’s not at all itchy like sprays can be. It easy to use as well. Just rub onto legs during your bedtime routine.   Each teaspoon of lotion contains about 100 mg of magnesium.

Pain Potion

Pain is a really hard thing. In today’s world it’s so easy to just reach for the over the counter pain products, but did you know how damaging they can be to your organs? Pain Potion by Earthley is an herbal tincture. It not only helps to relieve headaches and other body pain but is made from natural herbs free of the toxins so commonly found on grocery store shelves! The herbs (meadowsweet, dandelion root, turmeric, mullein and peppermint) are anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing free of artificial flavors, common allergens and preservatives.

Laundry Detergent

I’ve been wanting to try some of their home products as well as Earthley not only makes their own herbal remedies, nutritional support, products for body, skin, and hair, but they also have things for the home! I actually make my own all purpose cleaner so I have no need for some of their products but I have been looking for either a new laundry detergent (the company I used to use detergent from went out of business in the USA) or make my own. After signing on with Earthley as an affiliate, I decided to try theirs. Why not? Earthley’s detergent is eco-friendly and is only made with clean ingredients (sodium carbonate, citric acid, saponified oils, bromelain, and essential oils depending on the scent you choose). I can honestly say I have been more than satisfied with the powder detergent. I love the scent (I chose Spring Blossoms)!

Educational Materials

Do you remember when I said that not only does Earthley sell wonderful all natural products, but they also provide educational materials? There are books available for purchase but they have free products too! Check out these 10 materials available at the link above. Additionally, type in names of things you are interested in in the search bar because there is a lot more available. Check out the nourishing food and gut health guide!

Just a Little More Information About Earthley

Earthley is a business to consumer company. It is NOT a MLM (multi-level marketing company). They manufacture everything themselves and sell directly to the consumer. They market to the consumer and through wholesalers (doctors, massage therapists, etc.).

Why I’m an Affiliate

I am not a sales representative for Earthley. I have simply chosen to be part of their affiliate program.

My main priority with this blog is to educate, support and coach all of my readers in starting and continuing a wellness journey that will lead to optimal health. In doing that, I have wanted to include as many resources to products and educational sources as I can to share with my readers. While it would be beneficial to me and my family to monetize the blog, I want to be sure that it stays within the scope and purpose I have for the blog. I want to be sure it serves the best purpose for my readers. Earthley fulfills this completely.

By using the links to the Earthley site that I use when writing about their products, I simply receive a small commission when you make a purchase. There is no overabundance of sales pitches, no followup sales maneuvers from me, and certainly none of the hassles that some of the MLM companies put us through. Just a link for you to peruse at your leisure when you are interested. The rest is all up to you. No pressure. No hassle. Just a good quality resource.

I hope you will check it out. I hope you at least peruse those free educational pamphlets! Obviously, I hope you continue reading here at the blog too. I’d love to hear feedback on what you think of Earthley. I’d also love to hear ideas on what you may want to read about more here at the blog! Until next time, take care! And remember- your wellness journey is not about perfection- it’s about making progress!

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